Upcoming Events

Take a peek at the event schedule for the rest of 2021! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out!

September 1st 1pm Shotgun (Outing). Limited availability in the AM.
Wednesday’s Driving Ranges CLOSED AT 5PM (For Mowing)
September 10th Nine & Dine 4PM Shotgun
September 13th Golf Course & Driving Range CLOSED for aeration
September 23rd 9am Shotgun Outing
September 26th 12PM Shotgun Member’s Couples Championship
September 27th 12:30PM Shotgun Outing
September 30th 9AM Shotgun Outing
October 4th 12PM Shotgun Outing
October 7th 10AM Shotgun Outing
October 12th 12:30PM Shotgun Outing
October 24th Weekend Season Start Times End