Thank you all for your participation! Below Are the Matches and Times for the 2020 Finals. Good Luck!

August 1

Men’s Championship Flight
7:30 John McCreary Vs. Neville Reece
Men’s A Flight
7:40 Jamie Richter Vs. Chris Young
Men’s B Flight
7:50  Paul Tanck Vs. Mark Schrader
Men’s C Flight
8:00 Jack Gismondi Vs. Frank Gramarossa
Women’s Championship Flight
8:10 Anne Keating Vs. Judy Victoria
Women’s B Flight
8:20 Bonnie Palmer Vs. Adrianne Greenberg
Women’s C Flight
8:30 Elaine Kelfer Vs. Nan Schade

Check out the Club Championship Round 1 Start Times and Matches

Below are the Round 1 Start Times and Matches, best of luck, it’s going to be a great tournament!

Men’s Championship Flight

7:00 James Sage Vs. John Sorenson

7:00 Wally Sorenson Vs. Neville Reece

7:10 Peter Michaels Vs. Joe Irwin

7:10 John McCreary Vs. William Berg


Men’s A Flight

7:20 Scott Klipp Vs. Jeff Schade

7:20 Paul Schrader Vs. Chris Young

7:30 Ted Thirlby Vs. Roy Galaday

7:30 Jamie Richter Vs. Mo Horne


Men’s B Flight

7:40 Paul Tanck Vs. Joe O’Leary

7:40 Jock Davoren Vs. Mike Bellero

7:50 Jeff Demarest Vs. Eric Wahl

7:50 Mark Schrader Vs. John Spicer


Men’s C Flight

8:00 Mitchell Berg Vs. BYE, Frank Gramarossa Vs. BYE (welcome to play or pass LMK)

8:10 Jack Gismondi Vs. Dick Vahey

8:10 Jeff Chagnon Vs. Gavin McCutchan


Women’s Championship Flight

8:20 Anne Keating Vs. Patricia Cristol

8:20 Morgant Fiedler Vs. Laura Weil

8:30 Darcy Cochran Vs. Mary Gabriel

8:30 Judy Victoria Vs. Renee Bellero


Women’s A Flight

8:40 Charle Sidorowicz Vs. Mary Vahey

8:40 Kathryn Chagnon Vs. Adrianne Greenberg

8:50 Lynn Rienecker Vs. Martha Cassidy

8:50 Bonnie Palmer Vs. Kathleen Spicer


Women’s B Flight

9:00 Paula Hepner Vs. Barbara Koch

9:00 Linda Rice Vs. Nan Schade

9:10 Charmaine Henderson Vs. Suzanne Hulse

9:10 Elaine Kelfer Vs. Marie Shack


8 Player’s Per Flight | Championship Flight, A Flight, B Flight etc.

All Flights will be seeded by index based on the number of participants. The 2019 CHAMPION WILL BE THE #1 SEED:

Round 1 – July 25th

Round 2 – July 26th

Finals – August 1st

There are no strokes given in the club championship.

*Weekend Season Start Times are NOT available during the Club Championship. Please book your own tee time if you do not wish to compete.